What is a Parliamentary Supermajority?

Opposition parties have often stated their goals of challenging the ruling party’s Parliamentary Supermajority. What is a supermajority and why does it matter? CAPE explains in a quick voter education infographic. 

Here are other examples of Constitutional amendments over the years:

  • In 1979, the Government amended the Constitution by introducing Article 128 which imposes various restrictions on the renunciation of citizenship. According to then Minister for Law E.W. Barker, this provision was drafted “solely for the purpose of dealing with such-minded citizens” attempting to escape their NS obligations by giving up their citizenship.
  • In 2004, Article 122 of the Constitution was amended to allow Singaporean women to pass down citizenship by descent to their overseas-born children as well. Previously, only Singaporean men could pass down citizenship by descent when their children were born overseas based on the “Asian tradition where husbands are the heads of households”.
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