An Omnibus of Our Homegrown Knowledge

Our homegrown academic theories and research are incredibly rich. For decades, our universities and thinkers have reconceptualised our understanding of Singaporean issues, and have also provided powerful new voices and lenses to rethink policies and governance.

However, much of this knowledge remains inaccessible to a greater majority of Singaporeans. This may be due to difficult jargon or due to paywalled journals. A universal problem across the entire world, such asymmetrical access to knowledge impacts citizen participation in policy conversations and civic engagement.

CAPE presents Big Ideas Explained – an infographic project aimed at digesting and repackaging theories and research by our own homegrown academics and intellectuals for public understanding. Together we can install elevators in our ivory towers, and together we can build an active citizenry.

Big Brain Energy

Click on any of the infographic issues below to explore further! Each issue centres around a big idea – individual theories, concepts, and bodies of research. As academic knowledge does not exist in silos and continually builds upon existing research and knowledge, each issue may thus also contain references to other relevant concepts and research by other scholars.

More infographic issues are also currently in the works, so stay tune to this page. Feel free to reach out to us for suggestions or feedback.

Academia does not exist in a bubble! The theories and concepts explored above continually engages with ongoing academic discourse, with ongoing ground research, and with ongoing civic activism.

Check out CAPE’s full reading list on Singapore politics! Do also check out’s Singapore Studies Reading Resource List!

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