Singapore’s Pandemic Elections: A Webinar

CAPE and Academia.SG co-organised a voter education webinar – Singapore’s Pandemic Elections: What’s at Stake? – on 21 June 2020 Sunday. Featuring Chong Ja Ian (Harvard-Yenching Institute), Elvin Ong (University of British Columbia, Centre for Southeast Asian Research), Netina Tan (Political Science, McMaster University), Walid Jumblatt (Social Sciences, NTU) and moderated by Haolie from CAPE, the webinar delved in depth into the looming electoral issues and public debate ahead of the imminent general elections.

The event was made possible with technical support from McMaster University.

Singapore is heading into general election under unprecedented conditions. Campaigning and voting will take place despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, the rules of campaigning and voting are unclear. Meanwhile, a new generation of politicians and political parties are emerging. How will these new players affect political representation, public debate, oversight of authority, minority rights, equitable public policies and democracy in Singapore? Does Singapore have right tools to address mis/disinformation and ensure fair competition? This webinar brings together a group of academics and community activists to discuss the key issues in Singapore. The webinar, facilitated by CAPE, will highlight questions and concerns of young and first-time voters in Singapore’s electoral system.

You may find the video recording at:

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