Migrant Deportability – Charanpal Bal

As debate rages over Singapore’s migrant labour Covid-19 crisis, CAPE delves deep into the theories and research done by our homegrown academics. Such research serves an important role in enlarging our ability to understand social issues while also informing better ways of rethinking and reforming policy. In our first issue of #BigIdeasExplained, CAPE analyses Dr. Charanpal Bal’s theories and research on Migrant Deportability. 

#BigIdeasExplained is a new CAPE infographic project which seeks to digest and repackage the rich knowledge and research of our homegrown academia and civil society – which unfortunately, is often difficult to access by the public due to paywalls or jargon. Through reducing such an asymmetry of knowledge, we hope to enhance citizen participation in civic engagement and policy conversations!

#migrantworkers #SGacademia #SGunited

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