All You Need to Know: Singapore’s Electoral Process

With the #GeneralElections looming, CAPE presents an overview of how the electoral process will look like! This is part of our GE Voter Education Series, providing easy access to general information about the GE. 

For further readings on electoral processes and other issues, check out the following links:

  1. Grassroots Level Party. 2020. GE Crash Course.
  2. New Naratif. 26 Mar 2020. Explainer: Singapore’s Electoral System.
  3. New Naratif. 02 Apr 2020. How Gerrymandering Creates Unfair Elections in Singapore.
  4. Mothership. 07 Sep 2019. Why it’s so hard for the opposition to challenge PAP’s dominance in S’pore.
  5. Nicky Case. Dec 2016. To Build a Better Ballot (An interactive website that visualises how different voting systems work, and why the FPTP is flawed)
  6. The Straits Times. 04 Sep 2019. Electoral boundaries committee formed: What does it mean and when will Singapore’s GE be?

Check out our full GE Voter Education series here!

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