Read up, meet up, and talk about Singapore civic issues!

CAPE Book Club is an open and safe space for young Singaporeans to discuss books and essays on Singaporean politics and civic issues. All are welcome! Priority for CAPE members and young Singaporeans.

Upcoming book club!

We’ll be reading the recently launched Constance Singam and Margaret Thomas’ We Are Not The Enemy: The Practice of Advocacy in Singapore. Our next book club is happening over two separate sessions at City Book Room:

  • Session One: 28 April 2024 (Sunday), 2 to 3.30PM feat. Ng Kok Hoe
  • Session Two: 11 May 2024 (Saturday), 3 to 4.30PM feat. Walid Jumblatt Bin Abdullah

Ng Kok Hoe will share about his chapter on how policy research allows him to practise advocacy. Walid Jumblatt Abdullah will share about his chapter on advocacy through dialogue in his Teh Tarik with Walid online shows. They will also engage in discussion at the book club. You will get to hear their views and dialogue with them and others about social causes, advocacy tactics and solidarity in Singapore.

Book club community principles:

  • Do read the book. We all have busy schedules, but reading the book allows us to all have a fruitful session and engage with the material instead of catching up on the book’s contents.
  • Come prepared! Have questions, comments, and thoughts in mind and ready to share!
  • Do speak up, but don’t speak over. Don’t feel pressure to speak up all the time. If you’re an avid contributor to the discussion, do also be mindful of space and giving space for others to speak.
  • Listen actively and with an ear to understanding others’ views. Don’t just think about what you are going to say while someone else is talking.
  • Be civil and polite. Politics and civic issues are naturally passionate topics of discussion, but it is important to be respectful of one another. Agree to disagree. 
  • Come with an open mind. We all care deeply about Singapore but not necessarily in similar ways. A diversity of opinions are important for a functional and mature democracy. Recognise that we all come from a place of well intentions and the emotions and feelings underlying our views are valid. We all can learn something from each other, even if your views don’t necessarily align.
  • Engage in good faith. Trolls and trolling are not welcome. Engage sincerely. Seek to elevate discussions and debate respectfully. Be accountable to what you say. 

Past Book Clubs

  • Kirsten Han’s The Singapore I Recognise – October 2023
  • Anthea Ong’s The Nominated Member of Parliament Scheme Are Unelected Voices Still Necessary in Parliament? — A Collection of Perspectives and Personal Reflections by NMPs – December 2023
  • The Art of Advocacy in Singapore (edited by Constance Singam and Margaret Thomas) – January 2024
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